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Chandler Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Facing charges of domestic violence is a difficult challenge. As accusations fly, your reputation is at stake, and you may fear losing not only your freedom but also your relationships with others if you are not adequately and swiftly represented in your case. The timely help of a Chandler domestic violence defense lawyer is critical.

Finding the Right Chandler Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

A man in handcuffs, representing the need to consult with Chandler domestic violence defense lawyer Jason Navarro.

Fortunately, whether you are in Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa, Queen Creek or beyond, you will find a skilled, knowledgeable, insightful, and resourceful Maricopa County domestic violence lawyer in Jason J. Navarro. Known for his approachability and perseverance, Jason has helped bring relief to clients in Buckeye, Surprise, Avondale, Apache Junction, San Tan Valley, Florence, the City of Maricopa, and all of Maricopa County and Greater Phoenix, and he can put his skills to work to help you, too.

Domestic violence charges can be very confusing and intimidating, especially when stress and emotions are running high. Jason alleviates some of that stress for clients with his careful attention as a Chandler domestic violence defense lawyer.

The Law and Domestic Violence Defense in Arizona

Arizona's domestic violence law, Arizona Revised Statute § 13-3601, can be confusing because there are two components:

When you first meet with Jason, he and his team at Navarro Law will ask questions about any relationship, real or perceived, you might have had with the opposing party, so that he fully understands how to best represent you.

Potential Defenses When You Are Facing Domestic Violence Charges

Reading attorney recommendations from Jason's clients shows  many echoing the same message: Jason genuinely cares for and listens to his clients. What a client reveals in conversations with his or her attorney may help develop legal defenses such as these:

  • Accident: You may have committed an offense without knowingly or intentionally doing so.
  • Self-defense: Jason will help you understand how courts will address whether any action taken in self-defense was reasonable.
  • False accusation: Sadly, many people are falsely accused, whether for the purpose of revenge, making life difficult for someone, or in response to a child custody issue.

Enlisting the help of a Maricopa County domestic violence lawyer right away and having a one-on-one conversation with your attorney are the first steps to determining the available defenses and what the best approach is for your particular case.

Criminal Law Basics and Sentencing in Arizona

Crimes are categorized in Arizona as misdemeanors or felonies. Class 1 is the most serious offense in both categories. Misdemeanors have lighter consequences than felonies, and penalties for misdemeanors or felonies may include:

  • Fines;
  • Community service;
  • Home detention;
  • Mandatory education classes; and
  • Jail time.

Chandler domestic violence defense lawyer Jason Navarro is especially skilled at breaking down legal language so that you know what the potential threat of charges and consequences are to you. He vigorously defends clients at all stages, no matter the charge or potential sentence.

Jason helps clients consider the implications of probation periods, minimum sentences, mitigated jail terms, presumptive terms, and maximum sentences or aggravated terms, for both first-time offenders and those with prior convictions. While mounting a rigorous defense, his aim is also to explore every avenue that will result in the least severe sentence or penalty, and his devotion to his clients is unwavering.

How a Chandler Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Can Help

It can bring great comfort to know you are represented by competent and knowledgeable counsel. Jason Navarro values your freedom, and he will fight to get you the best resolution possible.

Jason knows the stakes are high and that an effective Maricopa County domestic violence lawyer must anticipate legal consequences and collateral considerations, too. Acting as a Queen Creek domestic violence defense lawyer, a Casa Grande domestic violence defense lawyer, and as a go-to for domestic violence defense in Arizona in general, Jason has seen a lot. His experience helps him better serve all of his clients, offering the counsel and representation they need at an exceptionally difficult time.

When facing domestic violence charges, use a Chandler domestic violence defense lawyer like Jason Navarro, who will listen to you and provide the timely and devoted representation you need. Fill out the Navarro Law online contact form page to contact Jason, or call or text (480) 591-7111 to schedule an appointment.

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