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  • Jason Navarro: Chandler Criminal Lawyer

    Attorney Jason J. Navarro offers affordable, aggressive criminal representation throughout Arizona for cases involving: DUI, Assault, Domestic Violence, Drug Offenses, Expungements, and more.

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When facing criminal charges, you could be dealing with your life's biggest challenge. Fortunately, the law provides you a chance to fight for your freedom and defend yourself with dignity. Individuals in the East Valley area of Phoenix trust Chandler criminal lawyer Jason Navarro to develop solid defense strategies and fight for the best possible outcomes with compassion and caring.

Jason Navarro of Navarro Law, PLC gives clients the benefit of skilled defense-building, extensive courtroom experience, and a commitment to protecting their rights. Jason balances the creation of a personalized legal defense strategy with providing his clients with someone they can trust to truly listen when they experience difficulties throughout the case.

Why Experience and Caring Matter for a Chandler Criminal Lawyer

When fighting criminal charges, your attorney holds your future in their hands. For the best possible outcome, your criminal lawyer should have experience handling criminal cases from start to finish in the jurisdiction where your charges have been filed.

The courtroom can be intimidating for those who are not familiar with it. The specific rules and procedures along with an unwritten code of behavior can vary depending on the judge, court, or other specifics of your case. Jason Navarro's experience means he knows how to best interact with the judge, jury, and prosecutor in your case, and he treats every client like family, with respect, patience, and empathy.

Many criminal cases never reach trial but end in a plea agreement proposed by the prosecutor and negotiated by the parties. The prosecutor tends to take the plea deal process more seriously when the accused has an established and reputable lawyer negotiating on their behalf.

It's also critical to have a criminal defense lawyer who explains your case and the process in plain language and partners with you to create the best defense strategy for your particular case. Jason balances being a world-class listener with sharing his understanding and legal advice in a way non-lawyers understand.

Overall, Jason Navarro's approach to client relationships and representation and his experience and familiarity with local courts and personnel help him negotiate a successful plea deal, vigorously defend you in court, and know which strategy would best serve your interests.

A Chandler Criminal Lawyer to Investigate Your Charges

Regardless of the level of the offense, a good Chandler criminal lawyer should get to the bottom of the incident leading to your charges. Jason Navarro and his team start reviewing a client's case from the events leading to the arrest and throughout the life of the case. The investigation may include:

  • Examining the validity of the arrest;
  • Reviewing the evidence of the crime;
  • Interviewing potential witnesses;
  • Questioning the police;
  • Reviewing police reports; and
  • Contacting experts who can testify on your behalf.

In addition to investigating the charges, your attorney has the right to review the prosecution's case. Throughout discovery, the prosecutor must turn over all evidence against you, even evidence showing your innocence or potential innocence. A good Maricopa county criminal defense lawyer understands how to use this evidence to build the best defense in your case.

Cases Chandler Criminal Lawyer Jason Navarro Handles

Through the years, Jason Navarro has gained the skills to handle a variety of criminal charges, from minor to major offenses. Whether you need a Chandler DUI lawyer or help with more serious charges, Jason can help build the best defense for your situation. As an East Valley criminal defense lawyer, Jason has gained experience handling the cases like these:

  • DUI and other traffic offenses;
  • Assault;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Drug offenses;
  • Weapons charges;
  • Juvenile offenses; and
  • Other misdemeanors and felonies.

In addition to new charges, Jason is an Arizona expungement attorney. The existence of a criminal record can impact housing, financial, job, and other opportunities, but the sealing or clearing of those records can remove those obstacles. If you have a criminal record of arrests, charges, or convictions, Jason may be able to help you clear or seal those charges. With an expungement, you can return to living your life as if you have no criminal record.

Your East Valley Criminal Defense Lawyer

Arizona criminal law is uniform across the state, enabling Jason to serve a large population of people. Jason handles cases in the following areas of Arizona and throughout Phoenix's East Valley:

  • Chandler;
  • Tempe;
  • Gilbert;
  • Scottsdale;
  • Mesa;
  • Queen Creek;
  • Buckeye;
  • Surprise;
  • Avondale;
  • Apache Junction;
  • San Tan Valley;
  • Phoenix; and
  • The City of Maricopa.

Jason's experience handling a variety of cases in different areas of the East Valley provides him with the skill and familiarity to provide the highest level of criminal defense. His experience in courtrooms ensures he will understand and respect the procedures of your local courts.

Jason Navarro Values Personal Connection with His Clients

When searching for an attorney, you want someone who will be there for you outside of the courtroom and truly cares. Defending criminal charges is challenging, so you need an attorney who is willing to be there for you when you have questions and concerns. In addition to fighting for his clients, Jason is accessible by phone, text, or email to walk his clients through the toughest parts of the criminal court process. As an Arizona expungement attorney, he also helps clients repair their reputations.

Jason believes the most important aspect of criminal defense is the connection with his clients. As such, he spends time getting to know his clients' stories and understanding their goals for their cases. For help building a strong and strategic criminal defense for a brighter future, contact Chandler criminal lawyer Jason Navarro at Navarro Law, PLC by calling (480) 591-7199 or filling out this online contact form.

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Navarro Law is With You Every Step of the Way

At Navarro Law, we are committed to providing you with the best possible Criminal Defense anywhere in the State of Arizona. With one affordable flat fee and payment plans available, obtaining the representation you deserve is just a phone call away. Most importantly, we will always strive to truly listen to you, to be there when you need us, and to relentlessly pursue the best possible resolution of your case.

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